A practise-based studio project, grounded in live research and speculative approaches, directed by the Interaction Research Studio at Goldsmiths University.

For this project, we used public bodies as start points for design curiosity. What are public bodies? Who uses them? What should they do? There are currently 371 Public Bodies in the UK, and our group chose to investigate The Advisory Council on National Records and Archives.

The brief: Identify and research a group of people aligned with your public body. In response to your research, reimagine the conduct of the public body, promote the desires of the users, provide new experiences or offer a system for implementing change.

Following a lively set of interventionist fieldwork, our group designed a Karaoke algorithm to support archive users in the public celebration of their solitary engagements.

The National Archives, Kew Gardens, London

Instructional Video: How to use the karaoke service

Keith’s Karaoke: A staging of the karaoke pop up service

Research interventions: can we archive our own pieces of information? Do all historical documents require us to wear preservation equipment?