Paper Pulp Vessels

Touring exhibition and accompanying book of designer Make-It-Yourself projects using household waste. Following on from my graduate work, I explored 3D paper forms, using familiar and easily available moulds, and everyday kitchen equipment.

re[craft] book

Step-by-step instructions

Gather waste paper and shred to smaller pieces by hand. Gather and prepare waste packaging for moulds, cutting tops off bottles.

In small quantities, add paper and warm water to blender. Blend to porridge-like substance. Using a sieve, drain the water from the pulp mixture, squeezing the moisture out as much as possible.

Build up a wall of pulp around the inside of the mould, dabbing with fingers to make sure there are no gaps. The pulp wall should be approx 5mm thick. Drying naturally can take up to a week. To speed things up you can leave the vessels to dry on a warm radiator (an oven will shrink plastic moulds)

(*optional*) *When the pulp has lost most of it’s moisture, spread a thin layer of diluted PVA on the

inside with a paintbrush. Mix 1 part warm water to 1 part PVA. This will strengthen the paper. Be careful: too

much PVA, and the pulp will stick to the mould.